denim and dye

yes, it's true, lately i've been falling deeper and deeper in love with both denim shirts and tie dye. i realize that combo sounds like an acid driven 60s hallucination, but how can you not love them? dillon even admitted this top pic looks awesome and he is a known hater of denim shirts! i just got one at jcrew (on wicked sale, oh yeah) and i've been wearing it every possible second, which unfortunately hasn't been enough because of this mysterious summer-like fall weather. really though, i totally know that denim on denim is generally frown upon, but WHY? if you think about it our culture treats blue jeans as a neutral... but they're blue! there's no getting around it, denim is a weird enigma and if it's immune to one rule (that blue is so not a neutral) then it should be immune to all and so called "canadian tuxedos" should be totally okay.

then there's the tie dye. seriously, there are few things more awesome looking than a rad tie dye/shibori and i've stumbled upon a few good ones lately. Upstate made this rad top for of a Kind, and Baggu has a collaboration with Shabd Alexander who also does beautiful tie dying.

sign me up for some flash and sass people, blowing all my loot on denim and silk!

top pic via the Sartorialist
shirt Levi's
bottom pic via Ringo, have a banana!

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