since i came back from my two most recent adventures a week and a half ago i've been having strange and vivid dreams every night. i sort of hope they don't stop because they bring attention to the little side details in my life that i don't consciously pay attention to. in these dreams everything is normal, the situations aren't anything too odd, but there's always one thing that's off. for some reason i'm never upset by it and just kind of investigate whatever it is trying to figure it out, usually it's been the wrong size.

last night was an exceptional case though. i saw my hair growing to be twice as long and enormously big (which was awesome) and the blonde streak had gotten so tangly that it dreaded in some spots... but not into a regular dread, into super lush towel material. it was cushy and soft and very organic looking. the weave was bigger and smaller depending, almost like the scales on an alligators back, and parts of it were a really light purple. i've actually been wanting to dye it light purple for almost a year but haven't for whatever reason. i was with db and we were swimming and lounging in Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring like a hot tub and i was like "shouldn't we be dead?"

dreams are amazing. i never want to know why they happen, it might ruin the magic.

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