Atlantis STS-135

what is this you say? is it the Atlantis making the final space shuttle launch EVER into space?


my brother and i have wanted to see this happen since we knew we could. ever since 1994 when we went to florida to go to disney world being 9 & 7 and waiting to watch the launch from the hotel window only to have it scrubbed at 9 minutes to go (and being completely crushed) we've known we had to see one someday. well that day came JUST in time! bought the plane tickets wednesday, flew thursday and saw it friday! we finally got it together for the last one ever and it was a blast! it was out of this world! it was stellar! haha how many more puns about space can i come up with? you don't even want to know, it was an endless stream of them all weekend.

let's just say, it was more awesome than i was even expecting and i'm weirdly proud to have been there to witness it. i hope someday the US decides that ending the manned space program was a mistake and we can rally like in 1968 so our kids can have something amazing to be a part of.


  1. I thought they ended the shuttle program so they would hae money to develop a deep space capsule. It's supposed to take people to an asteroid or mars or something right?

    Where's puppy?

  2. yes but the shuttle program is so old they should've been working on it's replacement for years and years by now. so the moon is too small and lame for us so we need to rely on the Russians to get us up into space for the space station? i know a bit about hitching rides, and they usually cost more in one way or another than just having your own.