dream come true!

i have wanted a demin jacket since i was in third grade and discovered my uncle's from when he was young in our closet. it was ratty but totally cool. it was also huge, but i wore it around anyways a few times in middle school... i felt way cooler than i should have. i wanted my own but they were always really expensive or ridiculously embellished and they didn't really seem like they'd be warm, so it wasn't wicked high on my "things to spend money on" once i got a job in high school, that was mostly blue mascara or a new purple discman money. that didn't stop me from checking out every single one i saw when i'd go to the mall though.

i never really stopped looking, but it wasn't like i was feverishly hunting for one either. well, today i went to savers and scoped out the girls section as usual and found THE ONE. i'm so excited! it's perfect! but it's also like the end of an era, now what do i have to look for? i've been wanting the perfect denim jacket for basically my whole life! if my third grade self could see the day she was dreaming of when she got her very own girls size 5 levis jacket i'm pretty sure she'd think i totally sucked for taking this long to find it and laugh at me.

well joke's on you little me, this lovely lady is divine, and only cost me $3! WORTH EVER PENNY

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