i don't feel like knitting

too much knitting r & d and not enough beer. ok, too much knitting r & d AND too much beer. i'm very bored of this color already. one of the perils of knitting; hating the color and not being able to force myself to finish the project.

i just realized yesterday that before i moved out of my parents house i "didn't have much money" ever... but now that i have moved out i definitely just count as "poor". i hate that i didn't even get to spend my money having fun when living at home. i always have had to scrimp to pay my bills. i can live with never having many clothes in good condition but i'm bummed about never being able to travel ever.

only solution? blow what little i've saved on a bike with insanely nice components and then take it with me on a bike adventure somewhere in the wild west.

i can't wait to make that happen.

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