reality vs. dream life. damnit

you know it's been a pretty weird day when you go from doing something as silly as hunting down quick oats and vegan chocolate chips at whole foods to driving down westminster street at 2:10am which is nothing less than completely idiotic if you desire to remain alive and unwounded.

why do i have to choose between: living at home (lame), living on the nice east side but with all the wretched BROWN students (horrible) and living somewhere where LITERALLY finding a broken handgun on the side of the road, numerous syringes on the sidewalks and being beeped at by fucking freaks is a normal day of neighborhood life (also not my favorite)?

i'm moving to Blithewald. follow me if you love grass, flowers, animals and the ocean. come on now, who WOULDN'T want to live there? i'll knit you pretty pink wool socks and we'll drink tea surrounded by daffodils.

now i'm going to return to reality to bake my cookies and escape to NH the next possible chance i get.

...or buy myself a gun.

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