ok, so kitten is a little too small and cute a word for this monster, but alas, i would lunge at this dude and pet the shit out of him if i could. he looks just like the grumpy old man version of the most rad cat of all time shimma. i love how this guy is just sitting in the opening of his cage glaring out as hard as he can surrounded by prizes, it's hilarious. cats have it made. they chill all day, get pet, get fed, win prizes and all they have to do is glare and be fluffy.

thank you LIFE magazine 1946



insane week, INSANE. i've gotten so much done and yet, my week's to do list has a massive amount still on it. once all this craziness in my life is over for a bit (yay july!) my new mission is to learn how to cook amazing looking (and hopefully tasting) things like these. Oh Joy always makes me drool when she posts what she's snaking on.

did i mention i'm totally scoring a mini grill for the roof out our window? yeah. bring it summer, this is going to be amazing.


meet bob.

whoever was the first to invent wigs, thank you.



wicked cool, my future yard will so have these.



imagine having a garden full of those! you could hide out in the shade of your flower garden, so cool.

very alice in wonderland.


thank you Lou Doillon

i have to admit, i have waaay too many cardigans. i think they're cute, but mostly they're just a way to wear my tank tops year round. i can never find bulky ones that are actually warm but cute at the same time and in general they are RARELY stylish. terrible confession i know, i might just go into my drawer and unload a few as soon as i'm done typing this because this picture of Lou Doillon wearing my dream cardigan just made all mine look not only pointlessly un-warm but also not cute enough. it's 3/4 sleeved, bulky yarn, has that amazing color accent on the shoulders and is knit in different textures... i LOVE knitted texture! not to mention is probably actually warm.

dream sweater! those exist now apparently...



so correction; i am currently NOT at brimfield. i am instead making sparkly tassel/cassette tape tape-esque garland for the bike prom while watching a documentary about how higher education is de-worthing itself... could be worse.

i'll be going to brimfield on sunday!



today i am at brimfield. i have been waiting for this day with baited breath since forever! (or at least since the last one in the fall) these pics are from the last few times i've gone and i wonder what amazingly weird and awesome things i'll see this time. i hope i find a tiffany's cake plate and a springbok circular puzzle, extra points for raddness if it's the tropical birds one.

yes i am an absolute dork for antiques.


don't even ask me how i came across something from martha stewart, but here it is. aren't the pillows so nice? and the lamp? not that i even have time to do any of the making of things i'd like to do... but i kind of want to quilt some pillows like these. i must absolutely hate having free time to read and veg. there's no other explanation for my subconscious but constant search for the next 30 projects.

tv? what's that?


bring the outside in

it's lovely spring out there and i've been bummin' about not having a yard or any outdoor space at all. it looks as though that's not going to change anytime soon, so i'm forced to figure out how to make indoor city spaces more airy and light feeling... less far removed from nature i guess. i decided that things that keep the space from feeling too still are the best, movement keeps me from feeling too locked up. super light sheer curtains that move in the breeze and let tons of natural light in and plants, lots and lots of plants. i think the more delicate the plant the better too, it'll be more likely to react when you walk by or a breeze blows in the window. i wish i could just sit in the yard but until then i think curtains and plants will be the best bet. fingers crossed our next place will have a little porch or mini yard though, that would be amazing.

top pic is from kazu and amedeo of blonde redhead's apt as shot for domino


knit knit knit

besides the perpetual stupid necessary things one has to think about, my mind is just clogged with things i wish i had time to be knitting. a pair of socks for dillon, which non-fingering weight sweater to knit for myself next once i finally finish the one i'm working on (sooo close!), what pattern to use to knit up the gorgeous cerulean/emerald colored silk and merino hand painted yarn my mom bought me 3 hanks of last fall... it's endless. i really could continue that list but i'll spare you, not to mention the dress patterns i have the fabric picked out for and no time to sew. the only way i'd be able to sit and knit or sew during the day would be to have a BEYOND fabulous little yarn store downtown and it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon. so sad! it's hard being a twenty something trying to get life under control and being an old lady at heart, there's not enough time to do anything simple and fun.



vogue 8549

just cut this lovely lass out. exciting! i'm making the pink version. i'm going to work on it for one hour a day and then it will definitely be done in time for some serious european adventures! i have to power through putting in the zipper and hand finishing the hem. i don't even know how many zipperless, raw hemmed dresses that are otherwise done i have in my "unfinished business" box. this will NOT become one of them. how could i let this dress made of of this fabric not happen? impossible.



i had a dream about crocheting a few nights ago and now i can't help but obsess over the fun things that can be crocheted. i may not be capable of crocheting an entire huge colorful blanket covered in an amazing starburst pattern IN ONE DAY (as in my dream), but i can probably make these.

i am planning on it actually.


capsule of loveliness

this is the kind of thing i want in my life when it's chilly out. i don't think there could be a more perfect fall gift than the gift of a little forest that will stay warm and green just for you even when it gets frigid and sad outside. these are all fairly amazing, though i'd teach myself how to make a terrarium more easily than i could accumulate $500.



there's nothing quite like one of auntie ema's legendary crocheted blankets. as you get older they get bigger. i have a yellow one i was given for my crib as a baby, a green, blue and creme one for my twin sized bed at home and now is this lovely queen sized one that will keep db and i warm and last until we die if we're lucky.

maybe if i am really cool someday i'll make amazing blankets as gifts too.